The #1 Reason Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad When other people Feel Bad

At one time, I actually believed to be a decent, caring human being, I must feel bad when bad things happened to other people.

One day I realized that feeling bad because other people felt bad was me feeding them my negative energy so that they would end up feeling worse and/or so that their situation would end up getting worse. Feeling bad when other people felt bad was me crippling them and myself. 

Today, I no longer feel bad for people no matter how bad their situation is.  Instead I use their 'feel bad' situation as a TRIGGER to imagine only the very best for them.

If they are sick, I imagine them achieving fully restored health. 

If they are broke, I imagine them quickly receiving the money they need from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

If they have a tragic death in their family, I imagine the spirit of the person lavishing them with love in abundance so that they know the person, they loved, who left their body is still with them in spirit.

For myself, adopting the attitude of not feeling bad when other people felt bad was the only way I could get out from underneath the negative gravitational pull other people were creating in their own life, either consciously or unconsciously. 

It has been my experience that feeling bad for people who felt bad never empowered them. I am only interested in empowering people regardless of what other people think of me.

In my own life, my dad sincerely believed that if he didn't worry about me, that meant he didn't love me. I don't know where he got that crazy belief but he believed it with his whole heart and soul.

Once I understood that about my dad, I saw my dad loved me more than I imagined it was possible for a father to love a son because my dad worried about me, a lot..


Imagining the best for other people rather 

than feeling bad for them, when they feel 
bad,  empowers them and empowers me.

Self-Love make the things going wrong in your life, turn out right

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