A Different Kind of Love Story.. - All The Homeless need is love.

One of the things most people don't know about me is that at one time I was homeless. I didn't have a roof over my head, a postal address, a phone, a place to take a shower.  (Try getting a job under those circumstances).

If it wasn't for the love I had for myself, I would have committed suicide rather than finding the strength to dig myself out of my homeless condition and become the happy, healthy person I am today.

After I got back on my feet, empowering homeless people became one of my passions in life.. I remember living in Denver and walking down the street where there were a lot of bars and homeless men.

As a homeless man approach me, I noticed He was slight of build, balding, wearing faded jeans and a denim jacket. He was wearing a slightly dirty white shirt. You could tell he had just come off an all night bender.

He asked me for a cigarette but I didn't have any to give him and I didn't have any money on me either for him to buy some.

I felt bad that I couldn't help him out. I profusely apologized to him because I couldn't even make his smallest wish come true. 

He started crying.. I stood there dumbfounded, I had been kind to him, why was he crying? I asked him why and  he said to me,

'Mister, no one in my whole life ever apologized to me. You gave me what no one ever gave me, you gave me my dignity and respect back'....

And then I start crying....

We talked for awhile and before I knew it, people were coming up, left and right and giving this man money.... why?

The energy has shifted and suddenly everyone saw what I saw, an angel in disguise wearing a homeless man's clothes.  And because of that experience, everything I do today is about sharing all the love I have with as many people as I can because fear is the disease and love is the cure.

I write love stories everyday, not romantic love stories but real love stories. Love stories that inspire and empower people.

Today, because of my experience of being homeless, taking care of homeless people, as best as I can, is one of my priorities in life.

My other passion is sharing with people how loving myself sufficiently  made it possible for what was going wrong in my life, to turn out right. To read more click this link:

Self-Love make the things going wrong in your life, turn out right

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