Got PAIN? Cutting Edge Article gives you different way to look at pain

Every time I experienced some kind of emotional or physical pain, I questioned it but I hadn't yet figured out the true purpose of pain.

Turns out pain had a much more benevolent reason for existing than I previously thought..The purpose of pain was to WAKE me up, to make me more CONSCIOUS, to make me more AWARE. to make me a more kind, caring, sensitive and loving human being.

Pain didn't mean I was flawed or defective in any way. 

Pain didn't mean I was sick or that I was going to get sicker. Pain was really my greatest ally in disguise. A pain ALERT signal was protecting me from hurting myself further in some way, physically, mentally or emotionally. Pain INSTANTLY alerts me that I am thinking thoughts and/or taking actions that are the wrong thoughts and/or actions for me.  If I ignore the pain, the pain gets worse. 

However if I observe my pain, without judging or labeling it in any way, my pain tells me exactly what I have to do to become pain-free and happily continue on with my life.

They key to understanding what my pain was telling me was not to focus on the pain but to focus on loving myself more and allowing the pain to be. If I allowed my pain to be, it allowed me to be.

Once I allowed my pain to be, when I least expected it, my pain would FLOOD my mind with wisdom and knowledge that made my pain dissolve naturally with no effort on my part required.
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