A Real Life Conversation about Prosperity VS Lack and Scarcity.

This conversation took place yesterday between myself and a person interested in my 21 Day Self-Love Program via text messaging. I have changed his name to protect his privacy...This conversation will be of interest to anyone struggling to manifest money. This conversation is as real and as authentic as they come..

The reason I am posting this is to begin a conversation with people  so money is never an attraction problem for them again. After you read this, if you have 'money attraction' issues tell me what they are and I will give you insights on making your money issues go POOF


Charles:  I love the things you write about Frederick. The message on your web site concerning your 21 Day Self love program seems muddled when you ask for money. If we are here to love each other and you've figured something out... why not give it away? Aren't the best things in life really free?  

ME:  Charles, good conversation to have. Thank you for starting it.  

Just because my program is about self-love, why should I give it away for free? I would think a person with a prosperous mind set wouldn't have a problem with people charging for their experience, time and what they know about self-love that actually works.

Abraham Hicks charges, Louise Hays charges, Joe Vitale charge and so does everyone else in the self-awareness business... and there message is also about a love, just a different form than my own. And God knows every preacher since the beginning time has charged to share what they know about love...

The reason I ask for donations for my program is because I think it a fair way for me to be compensation for my life experiences, insights and knowledge about love that actually WORKS.
Charles: I'm not trying to be offensive. You may be completely right. I'm trying to figure things out myself as I go along again...I love the things you have to say.
  If people think I should give them my time, knowledge and experience for free,
I am definitely sending out the wrong energy To give what I know away for free would be a total disrespect of myself.
Charles: Candidly, I struggle with other spiritual teachers and the compensation factor. What we are talking about seems so big. Everyone needs it. I don't have answers...just more questions. I'm signing up for your 21 days for self-love. I need that right now too. I really do appreciate what you're doing.
  I know that you do... but first tell me. honestly how is your financial situation?
Charles: Money is not an issue right now. I look forward to reading more. Thanks
ME:  Charlies, people struggle with the compensation factor because they have self-love issues around money... I noticed from our conversation that I have an unresolved self-love issue around money I didn't know I had. Now that I am aware of it, I can heal it.. Thank you for helping me find that unhealed part of myself. I am grateful.

Over the years I have learned that I have hid many of my own lack and scarcity thoughts behind others thoughts such as rich people should give more money away, etc. As long as I making anyone wrong about money, I am coming from lack and scarcity.
Charles: I've never really thought of it that way before. The self love is an area I need to work on. Long story...I broke my back and became extremely addicted to painkillers and lost everything, namely my family. I grew up as a devout Mormon. This experience changed me in profound ways.

I started listening to Abraham among others. When I couldn't sleep at night I would often put on Abraham talks. As I was drifting to sleep one night I thought I heard my name through my headphones... it startled me. She was talking about the importance of loving yourself. I dismissed it. A few nights later the same thing happened...this time I was sure I had heard my name, she was talking about the same thing. This time I took notice. I still struggle with this. My life is better but I feel stagnant at times.
ME:  Charles, you are my source of inspiration today... I want to EMPOWER people to make, acquire, attract all the money they want. I do not want become an enabler who keeps people stuck in the lack and and scarcity mind set.
Charles, I could give my valuable program away for free to people but doing that won't cure them of their lack and scarcity mind set, it will only reinforce it and make them expect more free things from others in the future. Money wouldn't be a problem for people if they loved themselves sufficiently. 

A lack of money is always an indicator of a lack of self-worth because the more you value yourself, the more other people will value you too, from a financial point of view.. Increased self-love always brings about an increase in both self-worth and net worth.

If you have 'money attraction' issues, I will give you insights that will make those issues disappear from your life. And if the insights don't work for you, I will continue to give you insights until you find the insights that DO work for you. Leave your questions below and I will respond to them as quickly as possible,

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