I did all the right things, how come my life turned out so wrong????

I did all the right things but everything in my life went wrong.  How could that be?  If i am doing all the right things, why did everything in my life go wrong? Not only did I do all the right things, I continued to do them even though my life kept getting worse and worse...

I was in disbelief, how could I do all the right things, all the good things and yet end up losing everything in my life from my health, money to a woman I loved with my whole heart and soul...

The answer was so simple that I didn't see the answer for years.

Yes, it is true I loved everything and everybody except for one person and that one person was me. How could I forget about me!!!!!

Once I start myself loving myself sufficiently, my life turned around magically, my health improved spontaneously. I found the perfect woman for me and money start flowing into my life moving from a trickle to a flood. It seems the circumstances of our life are totally dependent on how much or how little we love ourselves.

The more we love ourselves, the more magical life becomes for us, the less we love ourselves, the more difficult life become for us.

Self-love had the power to make what went wrong in my life to turn out right, that's how powerful self-love is...

More importantly, until I loved myself sufficiently, I could not make the law of attraction work in my favor, no matter what I did. Today, because I make  loving myself sufficiently (and maintaining that love) my #1 priority, the law of attraction works in my favor with no effort at all. 

Increase self-love has the power to make what's going wrong with your life, turn out right. that's how powerful self-love is. - Visit


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