The only RULE you need to Succeed at ANYTHING is LOVE

My parents achieved a very high level of success in life. If my parents were graded according to how well they lived their life according to the rules, my parents would have received AAA+

My parents grew up during the time when the authority of religion was not questioned. Money was considered a good thing and corporations were benevolent employers who made life better for everyone. They lived in a time where 'hard work and control'  ruled.

We don't live in that world any more.  

We live in a world were love is emerging as the one and only RULE of our lives.

The love I know is not just a romantic love, it is much bigger than that. 

The love I know is more than just a feeling, it is a power, an presence, an intelligence that lives inside each of us. The more we open ourselves up to this kind of love, the more we experience the electrifying 'power and energy' of the universe coursing through our veins.

Once we are in touch with this kind of love, there is nothing we cannot do, achieve or have.  This love begins with great self-love because without self-love there is no love at all.

The more we love ourselves, the easier life gets, the less we love ourselves the harder life becomes for us.

As I worked on loving myself more, everything about my life got better in ways that defied logical explanation. Health improved spontaneously, without medical intervention, Money start flowing into my life moving from a trickle to a flood and my relationships with others became spectacular.

Who would have thought Self-Love could do all of that?  I did and I proved it to myself that it could. Today, I share with people, through my self-love program, what I know about loving oneself sufficiently so their lives can be as magical and miraculous as my own. I am very grateful for what I know.

The picture you see is of my mom and Dad at their 50 anniversary celebration. Before they passed away, they were married 69 years.

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