My Happy Easter Intention For You

My intention is for you to have all the money you want. 

I want it to come to you easily with no effort or struggle at all.  I want you to no longer have any issues or fear around money. I want you to experience as much joy paying your bills and taxes as you do spending money or receiving money from sources unexpected, unexpectedly. I want financial prosperity to never again be an issue for you. 

Money gives you the physical freedom to come and go as you please. To travel the world over and to share your abundance with others.

The Universe expresses its love to us in many different ways and that includes money. Money can be an individualized expression of the Universe's love for you if you are willing to ALLOW it to be so for you.

Money is not all the evil things people call it. Money is harmless, in and by itself, it is our intentions that gives money a good or bad name.

I have never had a money problem in my entire life...

I have had self-love problems in relationship to money but never a money problem.  You see, people use money for many reasons and that includes as a excuse to love themselves less, to beat themselves up, to criticize themselves for not having enough money or for not knowing where their next dollar is coming from... It is only when I love myself sufficiently does money flow into my life with no effort at all

Love yourself sufficiently and you will attract money in abundance to yourself. Love creates feelings of abundance inside of me which attracts abundance to me...and it will do the same for you.

Frederick Zappone,
21 Day Self-Love Journey,

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