How I Make All Negative Thoughts Go POOF!

Negative thoughts are like a bunch of WHINY little kids screaming at you:

 'LOOK AT ME, look at me, pay ATTENTION to me'...


Negative thoughts are never quiet, they are always rude and intrusive. There sole purpose is to get us 'off our game' and have us focus on what we don't want rather than what we DO WANT.

Don't let them....

Negative thoughts operate independently of who we are. They operate on automatic pilot outside our conscious control. The negative thoughts we experience are not our thoughts at all but the thoughts of others masquerading as our thoughts, pay them no attention at all.

I do that by recording the one thought I currently want to FOCUS my attention on and play it over and over again while I do others things.

For example, as I am writing this message to you I have my headset on playing the one thought I want to currently manifest into my physical reality.  I am playing it over and over again for three reasons.

FIRST, because it is what I want. It is a 'feel good thought; that only makes me feel better and better as I listen to it over and over again.

SECOND, replaying it over and over again keeps me centered and free of all negative thoughts because the recording is louder than the little negative voice in my head that loves trying to rain on my parade.

THIRD, I know it is my Conscious mind that DIRECTS and it is my Subconscious Mind that DELIVERS the results I want 

Playing my thought/intention over and over again is anchoring what I want in my subconscious mind. Once that happens, what I want immediately begins manifesting itself into my physical reality.

The thought I am playing over and over again is simple and it is real for me.... When playing thoughts to anchor in your subconscious keeps them simple and real for you in present time. This is my simple thought.

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Make it REAL in your mind and it has no choice but to manifest itself into your physical reality because the LAW is: Everything is created twice, first mentally, then physically.

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