Certified CRAZY PEOPLE act normal in my presence.

I have had crazy people, certified crazy people, act perfectly normal in my presence because I offered them unconditional love. The moment someone showed up that didn't offer them unconditional love, they went back to being the crazy person they were that caused them to get locked up in the first place. - Robert J. Stoner

Logically people should not achieve the kind of results they do with my self-love thought mastery program but they do.. My program is not monumental is size, it is not the most well known program and it is certainly not the most expensive program.

The reason people achieve AMAZING results, often times, defying all logical explanation from my program is a result of unconditional love. Not my unconditional love, I am only a conduit for the unconditional love that flows through me from the Universe.

I hold the space of unconditional love for people who take my self-love program and in that space people fix, solve, resolve, dissolve and heal themselves of all problems large and small ranging from depression and despair to such diseases as cancer, strokes and diabetes.

I personally do nothing for people other than offer them unconditional love, support, inspiration and empowerment.  The people do all the healing work themselves whether it is health, relationship or money issues. Yes, that is how power unconditional love is.

I could not offer people the gift of unconditional love until I learned how to give myself unconditional love.  I did that through learning to love myself more and more, a little bit each day, until there were no limits on my love for myself. This took practice but it was worth it.

Today, my life is a series of one miracle after another both large and small.   Everything I learned about unconditional love I put into a little program I wrote called the  21 Day Self-love Journey. If you want to know what I know about unconditional love, click here  

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