If Making Money isn't FUN and EASY to do, I won't do it (Article)

In this world we need both money and love.

I love money, specifically I love the good things money can do for me, my family, my community and people less fortunate than me,

I have nothing but warm feelings towards money and because I do, making and attracting money is FUN and EASY for me to do.

When making money is fun and easy to do, it tells us, that in this life, we are traveling the right path for us.

How you feel about money tells you how you think about money and if you don't feel good when you think of paying your bills, that is an ALERT SIGNAL that your thoughts about money are keeping you in a state of a lack, scarcity and uncertainly

If you are struggling with money, never have enough money, hate rich people or are jealous of people who have lots of money, my cutting edge 'Money Affirmations' Recordings are for you.

Listening to my money affirmation recordings will change your attitude towards money from one that is in conflict with money to one that is in peace and harmony with money.

My money affirmations are simple and straightforward. My recordings will inspire and empower you and will trigger your mind to think of all the ways you can make and attract money that are FUN and EASY for you to do, ways that are in harmony with your own heart and soul.  To learn more about my money affirmation recordings, click this link:


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