Corporations Punishing Donald Trump Is Just Not Right. Here's Why!

Trump recently referred to some Mexican immigrants as "killers and rapists."  This is true for every nationality. No nationality is free of killers and rapists. We are so easily offended that we have no tolerance for anyone who thinks differently than we do. It seems we want to demonize and vilify everyone that does. Free Speech is part of the constitution but apparently the speech is only free if we only say the things people want to hear and not what is true for us, personally.

The corporations punishing Donald Trump, for what he said, are no saints themselves. They FEAR losing customers, losing profits and that's why they cut their ties with Trump. They have no high moral standard that caused them to do this, it was fear of loss, plain and simple.

The news media  made what Trump said even worse by 'fanning the flames of discontent'.  For what purpose, for SALES AND PROFIT...  The news media is not getting people to takes sides about what Trump said because they love the Mexican culture but because conflict is what boost sales for the media.

Heck, I am no saint either, I am writing this story so more people will read my blog.  I will admit, I'm trying to take the higher road and give your a more understanding and compassionate point of view about Donald Trump. Why?  Because I believe having an understanding and compassionate point of view about people brings healing while stirring up conflict between people makes the wounds grow deeper.

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