MURDER, American Citizens Poorest CHOICE...

The #1 reason people murder is to solve a problem. Granted, there are much better ways to solve a problem but murder seems to be the THOUGHTLESS way to solve an immediate problem. The consequences of this thoughtless choice is watching KARMA kick its ass into high gear and go after the person who murdered someone.

Murder is fueled by fear and self-hate, two emotions that the murderer is not responsible for, not because he doesn't want to be responsible for them but because society has not taught him that those two emotions never take you to any place good. Those two emotions, more than any other, are the cause of all the violence and mayhem in our world.

Guns are not the problem and never have been.  What has been the problem is people's unwillingness to be responsible for their own emotions of fear and hate. Those emotions are like wild stallions that will take people to places they do not want to go resulting in consequences that will ruin their lives forever. Once you murder someone (for what you think is a good reason or a crime of passion), your life is over. You get no second chance. Rarely is there redemption for a murderer in this lifetime.

The urge to murder is not because a person is a bad or evil person. Even Mother Teresa had the urge to murder, it is part of our primitive brain, our primitive fight or flight mechanism.  And it is our responsibility to neutralize those urges, especially the urge to hate another. You see hate is what drives people to murder people and once your are able to neutralize the feelings of hate, your ability to do violence to anyone for any reason is reduced to ZERO.. Here is a video explaining what it took for me to quit hating.

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