How to tell if you are ADDICTED to Lack and Scarcity. (Article)

1. You always feel this pressure to 'do more' especially when you don't want to do more.

2. You just can't sit still and do nothing.

3. You feel you are in a desperate race to get somewhere.

4. You are rarely content living in the now.

5. You feel more stress and tension in your body than necessary.

5.  You are obsessed with wanting more money.

These are all indicators that you are addicted to lack. 

Anytime you doubt yourself or catch yourself worrying, you're coming from a lack and scarcity state of mind, That is another sign of being addicted to lack.
The only way to break this addiction to lack is to love all of your lack feelings to death as a way of loving them out of existence. 

You believe lack is real because the 'feeling' is real but lack itself is not real.  It is because you resist the feeling of lack that lack persists in your life.

Lack is something only humans create. Nature does not create lack. Nature only knows abundance. Grass grows more grass abundantly. The trees, flowers, plants and vegetables replicate themselves in abundance. The Universe is always expanding, creating more stars, planets and galaxies, more abundance

Lack persists as long as we resist the lack feelings we create. Embrace the lack feelings, love them to death and you will love your lack feelings and all of your lack creations out of existence.

The Answer is ALWAYS the same, more LOVE

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