The REAL Reason You Read Self-Help Books.

The truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off. This is going to be one of those times for you.

Q: What do I read self-help books.

A: Because you don't trust yourself. If you trusted yourself you would never have a reason to read a self-help book or take a self-help program. People like Louise Hay, Joe Vitale, Abraham-Hicks and Frederick Zappone get rich off of people who don't trust themselves.

Q: Why don't I trust myself.

A: Because you are terrified of lack.

Q: Explain. Why am I terrified of lack?

A: You are terrified of lack because you have been brainwashed to believe that lack is real. And once you believe lack is real, you also believe you are not enough, that you will never be enough, know enough or have enough. LACK is the BIGGEST con game of them all. Try to embrace lack? You can't!  Why? Because you cannot embrace something that is not real. 

You believe lack is real because the 'lack feeling' is real but lack itself is not real.  It is because you resist the feeling of lack that everything you think and do creates lack in your life... Lack is something only humans create. Nature does not create lack. Nature only knows abundance. Grass grows more grass abundantly. The trees, flowers, plants and vegetables replicate themselves in abundance. The Universe is always expanding, creating more stars, planets and galaxies. It is only in your fearful imagination that lack is created. Lack exist nowhere else except between your ears and then you make the thoughts between your ears become your physical reality because everything you create is created twice, first mentally, then physically.

Lack persists as long as you resist the lack feeling you create. Embrace the lack feeling, love it to death and you will love your lack feeling and all of your lack creations out of existence.

 The Incredible Power of Self-Love
(You do not need this program but you might want it because it is interesting, truthful, thought-provoking and powerful. This program is not self-help, it is truth experienced by one person and shared with you so you might be led to experiencing your own life truths.)

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