The MIRACLES Self-Love Gave Me.


Self-love has the power to make what is going wrong (or has gone wrong in your life) turn out right in ways that defy all logical explanation.

Before I got into loving myself sufficiently, my life was a disaster, one broken relationship after another, constantly worried about my health and never enough money.

Once I learned to love myself sufficiently, I quickly found the woman of my dreams. She is my forever love. In fact, in the 21 Self-Love email I mail out to my subscribers, I tell my love story in the email titled: The Perfect Relationship.

In addition to finding the love of my life, as a result of loving myself more. I learned to give up worrying about my health by trusting the wisdom of my body more.

Finally, since feeling good became more important to me than money, my money problems disappeared as if by magic. That's how powerful self-love is. It seems how easy or how hard our life is depends on how little or how much we love ourselves.

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Frederick Zappone

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