Is Life HARD for You? If it is, Quit LYING To Yourself.

QUESTION: How do you know when you are lying to yourself?

ANSWER: When you feel heavy, somber, depressed or negative in any way, you are lying to yourself.

QUESTION: How do you know when you are telling yourself the truth?

ANSWER: Truth makes you feel light and free. Lies makes you feel worried, anxious, tense, and depressed. This is caused by accepting thoughts from others about life that are not your thoughts

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

Many people have accepted, as fact, that it is hard to make money because it was hard for their parents to make money.. As a result of not questioning their parents truth, making money becomes hard for them too.  

For myself because my truth is making money, in abundance, is easy to do, for me it is easy to do

It is important to understand that our life unfolds according to our beliefs and if you believe that life is hard, then for you it will be. And your life will be constantly filled with obstacles, roadblocks and difficulties caused by you believing the lies that others told you that life is hard.

Life is EASY.  It is only the way we think about ourselves and life that makes it hard. To make life much easier for yourself get your copy of the  21 Self-Love letters via e-mail

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