If you think Self-Love is a Bad Thing, You Don't Know Squat about LOVE.

It is not my job to convince anyone that self-love is a good thing. 

Everyone has the constitutional right to believe what they want to believe. And for people who think self-love is a bad thing, It doesn't even matter that Jesus said 'love your neighbor as yourself' which directly implies loving yourself is a necessary thing in order to love your neighbor.

Many people see self-love as an act of selfishness, I see self-love as a powerful act of self-care. The better I take care of myself, the more love I have to give to all others different than myself.

People who do violence, such as Hitler, do not love themselves, they hate themselves and then project their hatred out onto other people. Instead of loving themselves, they use their 'projected hatred' as an excuse to destroy others.

A person who loves themselves sufficiently never has any desire to harm anyone in any way. It takes self-hatred 'projected out' onto others in order to create the desire to do harm to others.

For those of you who believe self-love is a bad thing, I encourage you to continue believing what you believe because I am not one to argue with people who believe and think differently than I do.

For those of you who believe self-love is a good thing, you can read more about what I know about self-love by clicking on this link:


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