I Really Hate Telling You TRUMP HATERS this...

Trump will be our next President.  How do I know?  If I told you, you would probably think I am crazy but then some of you already think that about me so let me just say whether you like it or not:

TRUMP, for better or worse, has given people permission to be themselves because whether you like him or not, TRUMP is being himself. No politician has ever give people that type of permission. That kind of permission is priceless to people who never had the courage to fully be themselves in the past. 
As a result of Trump giving people permission to be themselves, millions will vote for Donald Trump as a way of thanking him for that gift and this will result in Trump receiving enough votes to be our next President.

The time of the 'EXPERT ELITE' ruling the USA, as has been proven over the last several months, is being flushed down the crapper. What you are seeing is the power being return to ordinary people, like you and me, which makes it possible to once again, have a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

NOT TO WORRY, Karma will take care of the people who are being their worst selves and at the same time Karma will generously REWARD the people who are being their best selves. 
Frederick Zappone

Inspiring and Empowering People Since 1998

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