Turning Dreams into REALITY (How it works)

I have made many dreams come true in my life and I am in the process of making my biggest dream come true. The moment you create a DREAM in your mind and decide to go after what you want, along with the dream, the Universe creates a series of obstacles and roadblocks for you to overcome.

These obstacles and roadblocks are created for your spiritual growth and enjoyment.  The Universe doesn't creates obstacles and roadblocks to stop you from making your dream come true, the Universe created them to  bring out the very best in you. Let me explain.

People who fail to make their dream come true see obstacles and roadblocks as stumbling blocks while successful people see them as stepping stones that are shortcuts to making their dream come true.

The second reason the Universe creates obstacles and roadblock for you is to see how willing you are to give up the 'wisdom of the ego' in exchange for the 'wisdom of the spirit.' 

And finally, the obstacles and roadblocks the Universe creates for you are opportunities to teach yourself how to love yourself more and criticize and put yourself down less.

Ego will tell you over and over again to give up on your dream. It will tell you that you are an idiot for trying to make your dream come true. It will criticize everything you do and it will do its best to keep you under its rule of fear, heartbreak and disappointment.

Spirit, on the other hand, will inspire you to make your dream bigger and better every time you hit an obstacle or roadblock rather than making it smaller until it disappears from view.

Spirit will empower you to make your dream so big that nothing or no one can stop you from making it come true.. And when that happens, your dream will start unfolding for you in ways that, often times, will defy all logical explanations.  Spirit will also flood your mind with inspired ideas and ask you to act on all inspired idea that makes you feel good about being you.

The 'picture quotation's below is the latest inspired idea the 'Universal Spirit' shared with me in regards to making my dream come true. The funny thing about this inspired idea, even though it feels right to me, my ego doesn't want me to do it because ego think it is a weakness to ask for help but Spirit knows different, it knows you have to ask to receive.  - Frederick Zappone

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