Why it's so EASY to feel LACK instead of ABUNDANCE (Article)

The free enterprise marketing system is based on the idea of creating the feelings of lack inside of you so you will buy what the free enterprise system wants you to buy.


Everything about the free enterprise system is designed to make you disenchanted and ungrateful for what you have so you will buy some product or service to cancel out the 'lack feeling' inside of you.

The cancellation of the lack feeling lasts only a short period of time before the lack feeling returns. And once it returns you must seek out another product or service to fill the lack feeling inside of you.

From birth you have been trained to experience 'lack' in every area of your life. The lack of love, money, health. The lack of peace and happiness.

Coming from the 'lack feeling' programmed inside of you, by your ancestors, you cannot help but live a life of lack because lack can only attract lack, never abundance.

Lack is so toxic to the soul that we resist the feeling of lack with such intensity that we do not even realize we are resisting lack. Lack itself only gains power over us when we resist it, the moment we quit resisting lack, abundance, in all forms, begins appearing in our lives moving from a trickle to a flood.

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