I am a Human Attraction Machine (You Can Be Too)

Hello, for those of you who don't know me my name is Frederick Zappone. I am an law of attraction expert in my own life and I teach other how to become a law of attraction in their own life.

The only lack and scarcity that exists is in our minds. It is not in God's mind, Nature's mind or the Universe's mind for in those minds only ABUNDANCE can exist. 

Lack is a human concept kept in place by fear. If you do not fear lack, you will not attract lack. As long as you fear lack, you have no choice but to attract lack back to you. 

There is no getting around it, feelings of lack attract lack and those feelings are created by the thoughts you think and those thoughts become LAW in the universe. Abundance of all things is your spiritual birthright and if you are not attracting abundance with effortless ease, you are thinking the wrong thoughts and taking the wrong actions for you.

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