SCREW Pursuing Success! Here's Why! (Article)

Maybe pursuing success works for other people  but it does not work for me. The fact is, it has never worked for me. The more I pursued success the more success would flee from me. It was only when I allowed success to come to me that I was able to be successful.  I am much better at attracting success than I am at pursuing it.  The fact is if you pursue anything coming from fear, you will push it away from you rather than attract it to you. 

Earlier in my life I thought success in business is what I wanted because my Dad and his brothers were successful in business.  After many years of pursuing business success and not achieving it, I realized I had no interest in being successful in business at all. That's was my dad and his brother's dream, not mine. 

My dream was to be me, free and unfettered to do what I wanted to do that pleased and made me happy and that is exactly what I do today. I write this blog and I write books. Specifically I write a lot about the law of attraction because that is what I know best.  The bottom line is when you are doing what you love to do, when you are doing what makes you feel good about being you, when you are doing what makes you happy, being successful is the easiest thing in the world to achieve. If it is not for you, there is a good chance you are pursuing other people's dreams and not your own.  - Frederick Zappone

Be true to yourself and success will find its way home to you

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