It's Simple, You INTEND it, The L.O.A. makes it happen

The law of attraction really is very simple. you intend it and the law of attraction will make it happen if you stay the heck out of the way and only take action when you feel INSPIRED to take action and at no other time. 

For example, I INTEND for the subscribers of my daily law of attraction insights to receive the exact 'insight' they need when they need it. As a result of my intention I have people writing me and asking me if I am reading their minds because of how perfect my daily insights are for them.

It seems the right insights are showing up at the right time for the right person. This happens so frequently that it defies all statistical odds. What is causing this statistical phenomena to happen? My clear intention and then making sure I only take action regarding my intention when I am inspired to take action and at no other time.

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