SHORTCUT To Dissolving Feelings of Lack

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In the process of attracting what you want, you will feel lack from time to time. When you do, do not resist those feelings. If you do, your feelings of lack will intensify and slow down you attracting the things you want. When you feel lack, notice it, observe it and it will dissolve of its own accord and your good feelings will automatically return to you. 

Do not have conversations with yourself about your feelings of lack because that will increase your feelings of lack. Instead, observe them without judging them and at the same place your attention, focus and energy on some thought or activity that makes you feel good about being you. That is one way to dissolve feelings of lack.  

Another excellent way of dissolving feelings of lack is by the giving of your time and talent to others. Why giving?  Because when you give freely to others what you have an abundance to give, such as your time or talent, it creates IMMENSE feelings of abundance inside of you and immediately washes away any remaining feelings of lack.

Feelings of lack repels or pushes away the good we want while feelings of abundance attracts, like magic, our good to us, often times, in ways that defies all logical explanations

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