Money Quotations that will INSPIRE and Empower You

Quotations are Courtesy The Money Secret Program
(This program is available by donation only)

  • Before you become RICH on the outside of you, you must become RICH on the inside of you. Go within or go without. 
  • Living in fear of not having enough money or losing the money you have is not living at all, it is a slow way of dying. 
  • The difference between the rich and poor is the rich see money opportunities whereas the poor see money problems. 
  • How you feel about money is really how you feel about you. 
  • The fear of not having enough money makes you pursue  the money you want rather than attracting it to you. 
  • To make the money you want you must feel worthy of it. Increased self-worth increases net worth
  • When you are tired being an ECONOMIC SLAVE to some corporation you will change your attitudes about money. 
  • The fear of not having enough money keeps pushing the money you want away from you.
  • Making money in abundance is EASY to do if you believe it is and if you don't for you it will be very hard to do.
  • The lack of money is not your problem, the lack of ideas on how you can make more of it is.
  • Money will come to you when you do the right things for it but first you must have the right beliefs and attitudes about it.

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