Why People No Longer Disappoint me.

People never disappoint me because I am very clear no one owes me a thing.  The great thing about never having any expectations of people is that people are free to delightfully surprise you when you least expect it.

Expectations of people have ZERO value except to cause upset. Every time you find yourself upset with someone it is because you had an expectation of them that went unfulfilled. 

The purpose of upsets with people is  an ALERT  signal that you have an expectation of them. At that point you can do one of two things. You can let your upset pass you by and move on or you can have a conversation with the person about meeting your expectations. 

If you do have a conversation with a person about your expectations of them understand that no one owes you a thing. If they choose not to fulfill your expectations don't get upset with them. Instead find another way to have your needs met without harming the person who disappointed you in any way.

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