6 Things you Need To Know to ATTRACT Money

1. The harder you work to make money, the less money you make. 
2. Struggling to make money pushes money away from you.
3. Wanting money and believing you can attract it makes it happen.
4. Not caring whether you have money or not also attracts it to you.
5. Being attached to wanting money stops you from having it.
6. Money finds you when you have no fear of not having money.

Nothing makes attracting money more difficult than wanting it too much. Wanting money to much is not a good thing, it is a desperation thing. 

All desperation does is push the money you want away from you. And as long as you are desperate for money, it is impossible to attract it to you. 

Wanting money too much or being desperate for money is an ALERT signal that your fears, both conscious and unconscious, are what's causing you to feel and act the way you do in relationship to money.


Your feelings  are the first physical evidence or proof that you are attracting something (good or bad) to yourself. 

Don't like what you are attracting to yourself, then change your thoughts until what you feel makes you feel good about being you. 

Once that happens you will be able to  attract to yourself anything you want with no effort at all.


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