Are you a Woman who ATTRACTS Trouble?

You are not attracting trouble because you are a woman or because you are too intelligence, too powerful or too sexy.  You are attracting trouble because you do not clearly understand how the law of attraction works. 

The fact is the law of attraction doesn't care what you think or feel because you always attract what you think and feel. 

If you are afraid of trouble or men taking advantage of you in any way, you have to change your thinking to bring an end to things unwanted.

To reverse what you attract requires taking a stand and knowing you are worth so much more than being someone's object, toy or trophy wife or allowing men to take financial advantage of you in the world of business

What you attract in life is a result of the thoughts you think that produce the vibrations (feelings) you feel that attract back to you both things wanted and unwanted. With a little practice you can have total control over what you attract into your life.

To change what you attract you have to change your thoughts and when you do, your feeling change too. If you want to be able to make the law of attraction work in your favor every time, all the time, click here to sign for my Daily law of attraction reminders and insights.

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