Guilt ATTRACTS What We DON'T want. (Article)

Many people think guilt is something God created. That couldn't be further from the truth.  Guilt is a man-made thing. Guilt was developed by man so he could rule over and control his fellow man.  The only thing guilt is good for is to make sure you feel more guilt the next time you do what you want to do that someone programmed you not to do. 

In keeping with the law of attraction good feelings ALERT you that you are going in the the direction of what you do want while bad feelings ALERT you that you are moving in the direction of what you don't want.

The best way to deal with guilt is when feeling it is to 'feel what you feel' without judging yourself for feeling it. If you do that, the guilt you feel will dissolve naturally. And if you repeatedly handle guilt this way, all of your guilt will melt away from you so you can live a guilt-free life. 

We do not need to feel guilty to be a good person because God doesn't manage us with guilt, he manages us with love.  

When we are not suppose to do something God doesn't want us to do, He doesn't make us feel guilty.  He simple tells us not to do it in a way that inspires and empowers us not to do it. If you listen closely God will actually explain why doing something won't work for you.

All thoughts and actions that make you feel good about being you are from God, the rest are not.

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