How to Make Life VERY EASY on Yourself (Article)

Nothing makes like harder than when we resist 'what is' and nothing makes life easier than when we accept 'what is' and keep moving forward.   The peace and serenity ones feels when one lives in a continuously state of acceptance is absolutely astonishing.  

You could have cancer, be homeless, live in a shack and if you are accepting 'what is' you will find yourself experiencing peace of mind and exceptional clarity of thought. The most AMAZING thing about accepting 'what is' that everything in your life gets better naturally.

Acceptance of 'what is' is not surrender or giving up, it is trusting, whether you understand it or not, that your life is unfolding perfectly and that good things are coming your way.


There are two ways to live life. With a mind filled with fear and doubt or with a mind full of faith and trust. A mind filled with fear and doubt will continually attract to you what you don't want. 

A mind filled with faith and trust will attract to you all the good things you do want and the bad things you don't want will harmlessly, and often times, in mysterious ways, disappear from your life for no logical reason you can explain.

FAITH AND TRUST does not mean you don't do anything. Faith and trust means you only think those thoughts and take those actions that make you feel good about being you.  

All thoughts and actions that makes you feel good about being you are inspired thoughts and actions from God, the rest are not.


Pete had plenty of faith, the problem was his faith was misplaced. He had faith in LESS rather than having faith in more. As a result life always rewarded him with less while always rewarding others with more.

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