Making Dreams Come True - FOR DREAMERS ONLY

Believe in your dream regardless of circumstances or events that happens to you as you are in the process of making it come true. 

Choose to believe the universe is working behind the scenes of your life orchestrating people and events in your favor so your dream will come true. Believe this regardless of any negative thoughts or feelings you have about your dream coming true. Choose to believe this even though you do not understand how the universe does its part.

Allow the rejections, hurts and disappointments you experience on the road to making your dream come true increase your determination to see it come true rather than allowing those things to defeat you.

Allow the things that 'seem' to be stopping your dream from coming true make your passion for it so strong that nothing or no one in the whole universe can stop your dream from coming true. 

Obstacles and roadblocks have the potential to increase your passion and determination to see to it that you dream does, indeed, come true or they can discourage and defeat you and prevent your dream from coming true.  You choose how it will be for you.

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