For Your Peace of Mind Get TRUMP out of your head.

I understand people being upset with Trump but unless you can take some positive, direct action to change Trump policies all you are doing is killing off your own happiness and joy.  

Allowing Trump or any person to upset you gives them power over you. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to make sure your life is running as well as it can. 

Taking very good care of yourself and the people you love is a far, far better thing you do than being upset with Trump.  

Don't allow Trump or any person make you have an internal war with yourself. Doing that will make you feel less than the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person you truly are.  

If you need help in getting Trump out of your mind leave me a comment. I will share with you the things I do to stay focused on what I do want rather than being upset with what I don't want. 

Your happiness and peace of mind is worth much more to you than being upset with what Trump is doing.  

As I said in the beginning of this little article if you can take some direct, positive action to change Trump's policies then do it, otherwise get the man out of your mind and be as happy as you want to be.  

Allowing the thoughts, words and actions of Trump or any person to upset is you is not self-love, it is the worst kind of self abuse. 

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