My Simple RULE for Making MONEY (It Works Too)

I use to struggle to make money and suffered from worrying too much about the green stuff. That all changed when I decided if I couldn't make money my way, I would sooner do without it.  

In making money my way I had to decide what I 'would and would not do' for money. Once I made a simple rule for myself about making money I have made more money for myself than I ever did when I struggled and suffered too much from worrying about money.


When it comes to making my money, it must be FUN, EASY for me to do and makes me FEEL GOOD about being me.  

If making money doesn't meet those requirements I don't do it  and I don't care how much money someone puts on the table. 

After all, what's the use of making money if you are not happy making it. Money cannot make me happy but it can add to my exsiting happiness and that is exactly what happens when I follow my own money rule.

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