Other People's Opinions Have No Power Over You.

People criticize you in an attempt to control your thinking and behavior since they appear to have no power to control their own.  

Here is what happens to you when you allow the critical or negative opinions of other people to influence you.

1. You start doubting yourself
2. You begin thinking the worst about yourself
3. You lower your opinion of yourself.
4. You stop fully expressing yourself
5. You become discouraged or depressed
6. You begin feeling like a failure or a loser.
7. You begin thinking you're defective in some way.
8. You withdraw from people, shut yourself down.
9. You experience needless emotional suffering.
10. The worst thing that happens is you stop being you.

To consistently feel good about being you remind yourself on a regular basis that what other people think of you is NONE of your business.


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