The Futility of Protesting (An Opinion Commentary)

All this protesting against Trump in the USA and around the world changes nothing.  Beating one's chest may make the people doing it feel better about themselves but it really changes nothing.

Worse yet, the only people who are really listening to the protesters are other protesters. Essentially when people protest they are 'preaching to the choir' and the people in charge, the people in power, that they are protesting against, continue to be in charge and in power. 

The people who make real positive change in the world don't protest and don't become stories for the mainstream media to report on in the 11 O'clock news. They are too busy making the world a better place to live by taking goal directed action and producing tangible results that make a real difference, in our world, rather than wasting their time and energy protesting when protesting changes nothing. 

The protesting Martin Luther King did, in his lifetime, changed things because he had the ears of 'right' people in power who were willing to help him make the changes he wanted. To make those changes happen he paid a big price for it, he paid for it with his life.

The protestors today do not have the ears of the right people in power and as a result they can protest all day long and nothing will change. 

If people protesting against Trump want to see real change they need to make their 'enemy their friend' and then, and only then, will they have the power to influence the people in power to make the changes they want,,,, until then protesting is futile. 

'Blaming Trump for the way you think and 
feel makes you a TRUMP too. Just Saying.'

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