I am 100% Responsible for PEACE on Earth

I don't argue with people ever and I don't try to convince anyone of anything, that's not my job. My job is to fully love myself exactly as I am so I can love all others different than myself exactly as they are. 

My job isn't to change people or get mad at people for being the way they are. My job is accept people exactly as they are so if change is necessary they are empowered to change themselves without any outside interference from me.  

I was put into this world to fully express myself, not depress myself. I do that by sharing my insights, opinions and knowledge with people with the full knowledge and understanding that people have the right to accept or reject parts or all of what I share with them. My job is not to expect things from people because no one owes me a thing. 

My job is to show up in this world as I truly am, part saint, part sinner, fully human, fully divine. I am a person who has learned to live in peace and harmony with both sides of myself so that others are empowered and inspired to do the same. That's how world peace really begins. 

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