To Succeed you must GIVE UP one thing.

Achieving success  can be EASY to do if you are willing to give up one thing. The one thing you must  give up are all thoughts and feelings that live in opposition to what you want. 

As you travel down the 'success path' all kinds of negative thoughts and feelings will intrude upon you, most without your permission. 

What many people do with unwanted thoughts and feelings is that they resist, fight even argue with them. 

Not the thing to do because doing any of those things makes unwanted thoughts and feelings gain in strength and power over you.

To give up unwanted thoughts and feelings simply OBSERVE them and ALLOW them to harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky.  

Do not have conversations with them, that will make them persist. Only 'observing and allowing' them to harmlessly pass you by will cause them to dissolve and disappear from your body and mind naturally.

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