Why the Law of Attraction Is Not Working For You.

The law of attraction is always working.  

Whether it is working for or against you is determined by one thing, your self-judgments.  The #1 obstacle to people successfully having the law of attract work in their favor, every time, all the time is the critical self-judgments they makes of themselves. 

This is especially true when it APPEARS that the law is not working in their favor. I say 'appears' because, often times, before you see 'proof or evidence' that the law is working perfectly in your favor, your mind will jump to conclusions based on your level of worthiness that is not working for you. The moment you decide it is not working for you, it stops working in your favor and start working against you.

To make the LOA work in your favor every time, all the time, start releasing, letting go of every critical self-judgment when it shows up in your mind. Notice it but do not dwell on it. 

If you do that, your 'critical self-judgments will harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky and will not slow down the law of attraction working in your favor one little bit.

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