Why 'Trying' RIPS you off (Short Article)

I don't try. I do or don't do.  Trying is like pushing the accelerator in your car to the floor while at the same time having your other foot heavily planted on the brake. You will end up spinning your wheels, burning yourself out and going nowhere fast. That is what happens when you try, you go nowhere, accomplish nothing.

Trying is always an ALERT SIGNAL you are trying to do something you don't really want to do because if you really wanted to do it, you would. 

The Five (5) BAD Benefits of Trying.

1. You experience unnecessary struggle and effort.
2. It makes you think something is wrong with you.
3. It create undesirable stress and tension
4. It prevents you from discovering how smart you really are.
5. Trying causes you to try harder which makes you feel worse.

In life we either DO or don't do.  Do what you can do and don't try to do what you cannot do or do not want to do. 

Instead of trying to do something you cannot or do not want to do ask for guidance from your higher power. 

If you believe you will be given guidance as to what to do next (that you can do) that guidance will be given to you.

Future Article Coming  Soon: Asking For Guidance and Getting it.


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