Getting what you Want, NOW!

We unwittingly stop ourselves from attracting the good things we want by convincing ourselves that we can figure it our on our own. That's what I thought and as a result of thinking that way, it took me years to attract the good things I wanted instead of  attracting them in a matter of a few weeks, often times, in matter of days.

I have made all the mistakes you could possibly make in regards to successfully using the law of attraction. The biggest mistake I made was not understanding the part 'resistance' played in attracting to me or pushing away from me the good things I wanted.

In fact before I became a master at attracting my good, I was at master at resisting my good. I didn't plan it that way, it just turned out that way because I wasn't willing to take the good advice of others who had faced what I faced and successfully worked through it to the other side.

If you are tired playing 'mental games' with yourself when it comes to attracting what you want,  the information on my web page about 'releasing your resistance' to the good things you want will make a difference in your life. It might just make all the difference. To read what I know about the good and bad sides of resistance, click here

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