I Attract Money! If I Can't Attract it, I Will Do Without! I Definitely Won't Work For It! Crazy? Right! WRONG!

When it comes to making all the money you want, you have to be true to yourself. If you do things for money that are not in accordance with your beliefs about money you will attract a lack of it rather than lots of it. 

For myself, earlier in my life I experienced so much pain and conflict in regards to  pursuing money that I quit pursuing money because all pursuing money ever did for me was attract a lack of it to me.

You cannot expect to make money in abundance if the things you do for money cause you pain, suffering or conflict of any kind. In fact, the more pain and conflict you have around money the less money you will make until you end up hardly making any money at all.  

That's what happened to me. If you want to read my full story about my personal relationship with money where I went from being a money disaster to a money master, you can read it by clicking here.


My rule for attracting money is simple one. 

Attracting money must be FUN, EASY for me to do and make me FEEL GOOD about being me.  If attracting money doesn't do those things for me I will do without it rather than pursue it.
All that is required for you to attract all the money you want is believe you can do it because whatever you truly believe you can do will come true for you.  One of the reasons people can't attract the money they want is they don't believe they can.

If you want to read my unconventional views about money that allow me to attract all the money I want with no effort at all get my book: A Tough Love Book About Money.  People either love or hate my book because it challenges everything people think they know about money.  The people who love my book are the ones who are sick and tired of never having enough money or are tired of always experiencing a lack of money.

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