They call my actions INSANITY, I call my actions FAITH.

I've been told doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. I say it's FAITH. It's having faith that what you're doing will, sooner or later, produce the results you want.  

For example, I have great faith that, sooner or later, people will buy my Twenty-One Day Self-Love Program in abundance in spite of the fact that the current evidence says otherwise.

In the last four months only one person has purchased my program. In spite of such dismal results, every day I continue to post links to my program and share with folks the incredible benefits people receive from my program. Some people call what I doing insanity, I call it FAITH.   

Yes I am doing the same thing over and over again because I don't know anything else to do differently.  Daily I post links to my program and share the benefits of my program with people because I have faith that, sooner or later, people will buy my program in abundance. 

Faith is having confidence that something you want to happen will happen in spite of the fact you have no proof that it will ever happen.

Since I created my program in February of 2015 (based on my personal experiences of going from hating myself to loving myself  exactly as I am) people have bought over 200 copies of my self-love program.  Over a period of two years that certainly isn't many copies and it is certainly not enough to make a living off of it.

This whole process of failure after failure has been a blessing in disguise to me because It has made me love myself more rather than hating myself for failing over and over again.  And while my intention of people buying my self-love program in abundance has not yet been realized, loving myself, in spite of my failures has yielded great benefits to me in the other areas of my life. This includes always have enough money from other sources to continue promoting my self-love program in spite of it losing me money week in and week out.

Yes I have questioned myself why people aren't buying my program and yes I have blamed myself for my failures but I have also forgiven myself for failing. I now see that every day that passes when someone does not buy my program, it is not me failing, it is me becoming stronger in my FAITH that sooner or later, people will purchase my self-love program in abundance. That is what faith is all about, it is having an unwavering intention, that no matter what, what you have FAITH in will, sooner or later, become your reality.  Today I have that kind of FAITH

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