Making Unwanted Conditions Disappear Like MAGIC

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog post is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. You should consult a professional healthcare practitioner for that kind of information. On the other hand, if you choose to act upon the information provided in this blog post (which is your constitutional right to do so), the author is not responsible for the consequences of your actions.

To make unwanted conditions, thoughts, feelings or things disappear from your life OBSERVE them until they disappear.

DO NOT have conversations with them.

DO NOT judge them as good or bad
DO NOT judge them as more powerful than you. 

DO NOT wish for them to be different than they are.

Simply observe them. If you simply OBSERVE the unwanted condition, thought, feeling or thing when it is there without judging it or yourself in any way, it will disappear of its own accord.

As an alternative, if you feel compelled to ' do something' about your unwanted condition, then do what you can do to make the unwanted condition disappear and when you can do no more, OBSERVE it as described above. 

The 'observation process' will make every unwanted condition in your life disappear like magic. I have successfully used this process to make unwanted health conditions along with a lack of love and money disappear from my life. Observations without judgment makes all unwanted conditions disappear of their own accord.

FYI: This 'observation method' is based on 
the principles found in Quantum Physics

NOTE: If something 'unwanted' is not disappearing from your life that means you are judging the unwanted condition in some way rather than simply noticing or observing it until it disappears.  Whatever shows up for you such as judging your unwanted condition in some way, simply observe your judgments and they too will also disappear like magic.

Frederick Zappone

The ONLY weakness we as human beings have is 'underestimating' the part our thoughts and choices played in creating the exact set of circumstances we have today.

Nothing Can DEFEAT me except my very own thoughts or my thoughts about other people's thoughts. still my thoughts.

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  1. QUESTION: How do you "observe" lack of love or finances? thank you.

    ANSWER: Observation is natural when we are not judging our unwanted condition in any way.

    As long as we are judging our unwanted condition, the 'observation' of it is impossible.

    If you are stuck judging your unwanted condition then simply OBSERVE yourself judging your unwanted condition without judging yourself for judging.

    If you do that your judgments of your unwanted condition will disappear followed by the unwanted condition itself disappearing from your life when you least expect it.