Gratitude Floods My Life With ABUNDANCE

Definition  Of  Gratitude:

1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received

2. pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing

When we express sincere gratitude to the universe for what we have we activate the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' to bring more good things into our life to be grateful for.

Expressing sincere gratitude produces unexpected MIRACLES in people's lives that defy logical explanation. Expressing gratitude raises our state of mind to new levels of positive thinking. It calls forth inspired ideas within us.  Gratitude renews our body and makes us feel younger almost immediately. Expressing gratitude for what we have is a simple practice that produces MIRACULOUS Results. This is my story how the Universe blessed me with financial abundance once I started the practice of being grateful for the money I had.

Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone. For years I struggled to make money and no matter what I did, I always experienced a lack of money.

I was a victim of money before I became its master. I became a victim of money because I bought the lie that money was power and I was not. This lie caused me to have some very strong self-defeating beliefs about money. As a result of having self-defeating belief about money, I was a money disaster before I became a money master, I went bankrupt twice.

I spent years struggling to make money and the harder I worked at making money, the less money I made until I ended up unemployed. For the longest time, when it came to creating the wealth I wanted, I thought I wasn't smart enough, worthy enough or good enough.

I got to the point in my life were I was at the end of my rope, without hope. I was in a state of despair when, out of  nowhere, I heard a voice whisper in my ear; 'Until you are grateful for the money you have, you will never have the money you want'.

That is when I started my Gratitude Practice. I started with being grateful for the money I had (which was very little at the time) and then expanded my gratitude to include the inspiring insights and knowledge the Universe was sending my way concerning money.  

As the result of applying the knowledge the universe sent my way, money start flowing into my life, moving from a trickle to a flood. 

It was amazing to me how a simple change in my attitudes about money moved me quickly out of poverty hell and into prosperity heaven. 

Because of the success I have had with applying the knowledge the Universe had given me about creating financial abundance for myself I put all of that knowledge into a program I call Money.

My insights about money have made it possible for me to only do things for money that are FUN, EASY for me to do and make me FEEL GOOD about being me. My insights about money will do the same thing for you.

The insights in my Money Program based upon the principles of gratitude can be used by people working for others or working for themselves. It doesn't matter what your occupation or profession is, the insights in my money program will work for you. My insights are simple to understand and apply to your life

Along with my Money Program, I send people a copy of my Money Coaching PDF file on how to attract and make the money you want with no effort at all. Finally I send people a copy of my highly acclaimed Money book.

Here is what a few people have said about my book.

• A down to earth, no nonsense and concise book that tells you exactly how to allow money to flow to you. I am excited to put these principles to work for me. - Linda Altobell

• Frederick Zappone cuts to the chase. There is no filler here. He gives you clear and simple reasons why what you have been doing has not been working for you - as well as clear and simple actions to take to turn things around! - BJK

• I just read this book, and loved it. Finally, someone properly explains the whole thing about 'lack' and 'scarcity thinking' and why it won't work for you. I love how simply the ideas are put over, Mr. Zappone writes simply and clearly and comes over well to the reader. - M. K. Boers


In gratitude for the financial abundance the Universe has given me I am making my program  available to people for a donation in the amount of their own choosing (In the past my program retailed $125.00).


If you have less, donate less. 
If you can afford more, donate more.


After making your donation, click on the RETURN TO FREDERICK ZAPPONE button located on the donation receipt page to immediately download your copy of  My Money Program + My Money Coaching PDF file + your copy of my Money Book.

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