Simple Way To Heal Your Mental and Emotional Wounds

Your mental and emotional wounds will heal themselves naturally as long as you don't interfere with the healing process.. Let me explain. The healing of our mental and emotional wounds works exactly the same way as healing takes place on the physical level.

Our body spontaneously heals itself when we have a cut. However, if we mess with the cut, pick at it or contaminate it with the bacteria on our hands, it would never heal. in fact,  it would get infected and get worse. 

Healing works the same with our mental and emotional wounds. If we allow our wounds to heal themselves, they will. However if we mess with our mental or emotional wounds, they will mess us up real good. If we mess with them, they won't get better, they will get worse. And the more we mess with them, the worse they will get.

How People Mess With Their Wounds

People mess with their mental and emotional wounds by thinking about them, resisting them, fighting them, wrestling with them, complaining about them, having conversations with people about them.. 

People mess with the mental and emotional wounds by getting too much conflicting information about them.  People mess with their wounds by over-thinking and over analyzing them. 

You have probably noticed that the more you think about your mental and emotional wounds, the more they remain the same or get worse. That's because you are not allowing your wounds to heal naturally..

If you ALLOWED your wounds to heal, they would heal themselves very quickly. However, if you don't allow them to heal they will persist and in most cases, they will get worse. For some people mental and emotional wounds persist for a lifetime. Don't let yourself be one of those people.

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