The Greatest FREE GIFT You Can Give To People.

Appreciation is the greatest gift you can give to people and it doesn't cost you a penny.  More than anything people want to feel appreciated.  

People are psychologically starving to death because of a lack of appreciation. Being sincerely grateful for the 'kind and good' things people do for you will cause people to love you and be super loyal to you for the rest of their lives Why? Because people receive so little gratitude from others these days that their appreciation for the gratitude you express to them will cause their hearts to open wide to you.

Get into the habit of letting the people in your life know how grateful you are and how much you appreciation what they do for you, give to you and share with you.  In return,  you will begin to experience abundance and prosperity in every area of your life.

The one down side to the internet, that I am very much aware of is,  is that people do not feel the need to be grateful. For many people the internet is like a big candy store where they can get all the candy (wisdom, knowledge, games, music, entertainment) they want free of charge. They can do this without so much as extending a thank you to the person who provided them with the candy to enjoy in the first place. 

Out of all the people who follow me on the internet, I can count on one hand, the number of people who are truly grateful for insights and wisdom I have given them, through my writings, free of charge. 

For myself, when people express sincere gratitude back to me for what I have given them, it opens my heart wide and all I want to do is give those grateful people more of the things they are grateful for. On the other hand, when people show a lack of gratitude I want to give them less until I don't want to give them anything at all. 

Frederick Zappone

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