Why it is PERFECTLY okay to be in a ROTTEN, STINKIN mood. Why it is even advisable.

If you have been into self-help work for awhile (aka, self-love, law of attraction, etc) you know people preach a lot about being in a good mood. They preach this because they believe being in a good mood is the secret to attracting good things.  While that may be true, pretending you are in a good mood when you are not causes people to live against their truth. Here is what I mean:

If you are in a bad mood and criticize yourself for being in it, it makes it harder to get out of it. If you think it is wrong to be in a bad mood, you will instinctively resist being in a bad mood which will intensify and make your bad mood stronger. 

The fact is we are in a bad mood for a reason.  Once you find the reason for being in the bad mood, you will be able to do something about the situation that is caused you to be in a bad mood in the first place.  

Accepting you are in a bad mood when you are in it will allow you to pass through it quickly while resisting a bad mood will cause you to be in a bad mood for a lot longer than is necessary.

The quickest way out of a bad mood is ALWAYS through it. Anything else you do with your bad mood will make it persist.  The fact is, it is your constitutional right to be in a rotten, stinking, pissed off mood. There is nothing wrong with being in such a mood, it our resistance to our bad moods that cause us trouble.

 Frederick Zappone

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