If you are STRUGGLING to love yourself, you are not loving yourself, you are ABUSING yourself. READ MORE

The funny thing about self-love is that it is not about doing, it is about ALLOWING yourself to feel the love that already exists all around you. I am not necessarily talking about love coming from other people, although it, often times, does come from other people too.

Love is surrounding you this very moment. The problem is if you don't feel the love, then love is not real to you. It is your struggling to experience love that is stopping you from feeling love, right now.


Struggle is an ALERT SIGNAL that is letting you know that you are thinking the wrong thoughts and/or taking the wrong actions for you.  

Thinking the wrong thoughts and/or taking the wrong actions causes people to struggle. When we are thinking the right thoughts and taking the right actions for us we always feel good about ourselves.  

Any time we attempt to live our lives in opposition to (or against) our own truth, we will experience struggle.

For people to feel the love that already exist all around them they have to train themselves to stop thinking those thoughts and/or taking those actions that make them feel abused or used in any way.   

Self-love is not about learning new stuff as much as it is about 'letting go' of all the thoughts and actions that make you feel bad about yourself in any way.  It takes practice to get into the NEW habit of letting go of everything that makes you feel bad but it is worth it. It's worth it because when you LET GO of thoughts and actions that makes us feel bad about yourself, you will naturally, without any effort at all, feel good about yourself. You will feel very good about yourself.


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