Beliefs Comes First, PROOF comes second. (Explained)

The physical universe in which we live is our master guru. It mirrors back to us with 100% accuracy our internal beliefs. What we have in our life, the good and bad of it, is a result of our beliefs. 

Don't like something in your life? Change your beliefs so you can create something you DO like to take place of something you DON'T like.

A belief begins as a thought but it does not take on a life of its own and manifest into your physical reality until you feel it..  

For example, I have this new belief I am working on manifesting into my physical reality. Here is my new belief

My belief is only a thought at this point. It has no power of its own until I begin to feel the thought. Feeling the thought is the vibration that begins creating the physical reality that I want.  

My feeling (vibration)  causes the 'intelligence' that created the Universe to begins working behind the scenes of my life orchestrating people and event in my favor so my new belief become my physical reality. 

Feelings are the first physical evidence that something (good or bad) is coming true for you. Don't like what's comes true for you?  Changing your thoughts will change your feelings which will change what you manifest into your physical reality.

The quickest way to begin feeling a new belief is through repetition.  Repeat your new belief over and over again until you feel. 

Once you feel your new belief shortly thereafter your new belief will manifest itself into your physical reality. 

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