I Don't Want To, I'm Not Gonna, You Can't Make Me

There are three struggles in life. Man against nature. Man against his fellow man. Man against himself. And of the three, the most difficult one is man against himself.  

There is a lot of truth to the above statement because each of us has a boss that lives in our head that does not always want what we want. This boss lives in our subconscious mind and is a collection of all the negative things people have said to us over the years.  

This boss is a demanding taskmaster. It controls us by criticizing us and making us feel like we are defective in some way when we are not.

The boss wants us to stay busy, it never wants us to rest. The boss sends commands to us through our feelings to take action of some kind. If we refuse to do what we're told, it increases emotional pressure on us until we do.  People survive this boss by sedating his voice with food, drugs, alcohol or by going to sleep on him.

The boss (the voice in our head) is always sharing his or her negative opinions with us. Always threatening us with dire consequences if we don't brush our teeth, get enough sleep, eat healthy, lose weight, exercise, show up for work on time, stop smoking, etc.

The boss's conversations with us are primary fear-based. These conversations threaten us with loss of some kind if we don't heed the boss's words. The boss demands our attention by increasing the emotional pressure on us until we finally pay attention to his voice. 

I have one of those boss's living in my head too.  

I have learned if I don't resist the abusive voice of the boss living in my head, I have control over him. 

If I consciously allow myself to  hear what my boss is saying to me, he leaves me alone.  I give my boss a voice by writing down the negative things he is saying to me. This helps me immensely in not taking the rantings of my crazy ass boss personally.

If I resist the boss in my head talking to me, it increases his power over me. However by listening, non-judgmentally, to what my boss is saying to me I  drain him of his power. That frees me up to be more me..

If you have questions about how you can more effectively deal with the 'boss living in your head' feel free to text me at (724) 516-4050.

Frederick Zappone, Author
How Your Subconscious Mind Keeps You BROKE

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